Universally Seeded

Universally Seeded is an American-based cannabis breeder that specializes in breeding cannabis strains with robust terpene profiles. Their primary focus is on offering a diverse selection of strains with flavors ranging from sweet and creamy to sour, earthy, and fruity. These strains possess a high glandular quality, making them ideal for producing potent concentrates using ice-o-lator and dry hash methods. One notable example of Universally Seeded’s genetics is Cement Shoes S1, a strain that has been extensively used in the development of numerous hybrid crosses. It imparts powerful effects and yields an exceptional quantity of resin of the highest quality.

Tommy, the breeder at Universally Seeded, has collaborated with Cult Classic Seeds, since 2016. Together, they have created a multitude of hybrids using a male plant from Cult Classic Seeds known as Xenu. This partnership has resulted in the creation of strains like Sour Orange Puckers and Ultra Animal Cookies. Prior to this collaboration. In 2021, Tommy and Cult Classic Seeds decided to pursue different paths, leading to the establishment of Universally Seeded.

Coming from a family with a long history of agriculture in California, particularly in apple cultivation for three generations, Tommy transitioned into the cannabis industry in 2009 after serving in the navy. He initially cultivated Afghani and SFV OG strains for a medical dispensary until 2015 when he ventured into commercial cannabis farming with a one-acre farm. However, by 2017, Tommy noticed that the majority of cultivated cannabis genetics seemed too similar to one another, prompting a desire for change.

In collaboration with Cult Classic Seeds between 2017 and 2018, Tommy developed the Freshies line, which included strains like Powder Cakes, Eiffel Tower, Bunny Slope, Freshmaker, Hitmaker, Hullabaloo, and Goodloving.

Continuing into 2018, Tommy introduced feminized seeds such as Unicorn Sherbert and Wedding Fantasy, as well as the regular Powder Cakes line, featuring Flocked Sherbert, Super Cakes, and Snow Shoes (a cross between Cement Shoes and Powder Cakes), along with Freshies X Wedding Cake.

In the same year, Universally Seeded embarked on a new breeding direction, utilizing reversions to develop feminized versions of Cement Shoes (derived from OGKB genetics), resulting in over 30 different crosses.

In this latest endeavor with Universally Seeded, Tommy has been working on reversing varieties like Pink Runtz and Legend OG, while also continuing to improve the breeding of Powder Cakes to enhance its stability and consistency continuing with their commitment to breeding excellence, Universally Seeded has expanded their repertoire to include additional exciting projects. One such endeavor involves the reversion of Pink Runtz and Legend OG varieties. By employing this technique, Tommy aims to unlock new possibilities and further enhance the genetic potential of these strains.

Tommy’s deep-rooted passion for agriculture stems from his family’s multi-generational involvement in apple cultivation in California. This rich background, coupled with his own experiences and expertise, has fueled his pursuit of excellence within the cannabis industry.

Universally Seeded continues to be a frontrunner in the seedbank community, offering an extensive selection of cannabis strains meticulously bred to showcase robust terpene profiles and exceptional resin production. With their dedication to innovation and collaboration, Tommy and the team at Universally Seeded are poised to make a significant impact on the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.

As they forge ahead, Universally Seeded remains committed to providing top-quality genetics to enthusiasts and cultivators alike.

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